Thursday, June 08, 2006

Original Ideas Are Rare

I have recently started to do a little internet research to figure out what kinds of solar powered cars exist. Well... Look at what I found!

According to an article posted somewhere on the site:

Nearly two decades ago, Marcelo da Luz was watching TV and saw a news item about the first World Solar Challenge, a solar-car contest in Australia. While most viewers would have changed the channel, da Luz decided to change his life. Something about the idea of solar energy captured his imagination and he decided to create his own solar car, despite knowing nothing about solar energy and having no formal training in science and engineering.

Later this month, da Luz is about to realize his dream as his Power of One team attempts to set a new world record for distance travelled by solar car. The team plans to drive from Toronto to St. John’s, Nfld., then head cross-country to Victoria. From there he will head north to Inuvik, NT, and then back to Toronto. All told, da Luz plans to log more than 22,000 kilometres.

Hmmff... So, it's been done before...

Oh, well. Who cares? Pbtbtbt! I'm going to build one anyways.

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