Monday, July 16, 2007

Grocery Social Network Idea

Who wants to build this site?

The web needs a social network site that gives the users the ability to layout their local grocery store. Users who happen to shop at the same grocery will slowly build up a full mapping of where various items are located in the store. For example, if your are looking for the pickled herring, you would know right away that it's located on aisle 5.

The site would also contain recipes. Simply enter the recipes that you would like to make for the week, enter the grocery store that you want to go to, and voila... print out a mapped shopping list. How efficient!

Let me know the address when you build it.

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Anonymous said...

You goin' to shop down here at the Wal-mart?

Ray said...

Wal-mart? Never heard of it... Maybe you meant Wall Drug?