Thursday, May 03, 2007


Nerds like their statistics. It's no wonder that is a popular destination on the web. Technorati tracks blog popularity. They count the number of links from other blogs which are pointing towards yours and provide your blog with a ranking. So, where is SolarPoweredDreams in the rankings? 3,154,798. I certainly must be tied with a lot of other blogs. After all I have zero (0) links pointing here, so far. According to BlogHerald, in July 2005 there were over 70,000,000 blogs. With the eruption of Web 2.0, this number certainly has increased.

Oh, look! I've just ticked up someone else's blog's external link count. Technorati on! I see that BlogHerald is currently ranked number 448. Hey! Whoever's number 447 - Sorry! Drop me a line and I'll do some more linking. Baby does need a new pair of shoes, after all...

Update: Number 447, I'm just joking. Little Beam has a number of nice pairs of shoes.

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